Roger Jackson Classic

Thank you to all those that took the time and effort to bring their cars and postive personalities to the First Annual Roger Jackson Classic.  We know how tough it can be to get up and out in the drizzle first thing in the morning.  The only thing tougher is deciding to and actually taking your pride and joy out into the rain.  Be sure not to miss the gentleman that came in his Alfa - with no top!  (on his car....)

From the Old Rides Cars Club, we sincerely appreciate all the support and hope you had a wonderful time.



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May car show at XXX

Jim Rose 06/29/2010
Great pictures Mario.

XXX Show

Larry Decker 05/25/2010
I enjoyed the show and the oportunity to meet you all. This was my first time at one of your events, but it won't be the last! As Roger said, Cougars aren't afraid of the rain.

XXX Car Show

Stan & Pam Pauley 05/25/2010
Another great Old Rides Club car show. OK, so the rain dribbled on the "parade". Truth be told your club and your shows are awesome. I don't think there is a nicer bunch of guys and ladies. We look forward to your next two events, besides Cliff needs a chance to allow us to appreciate his tunes. See you in Factoria.

XXX Car Show

Ken Kier 05/24/2010
The show was great. Rain or shine let the good times roll!
Looking forward to the next show!
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