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We are about having a good time with classic cars being the common bond.  We hope you have a good time looking at our cars and learning about the club.


09/27/2008 14:54
This was the second time one of the Old Rides has attended this car show at the Shanty Tavern located in Lake City,...
09/21/2008 20:55
This was the first show in West Seattle hosted by the Maple Valley Street Rats.  The location, crowd and the host...
09/14/2008 00:30
The skyway show was a success and we are glad to have been invited.  We attened with 7 cars and took home 4...
09/10/2008 07:00
We finally did it!  Our cars may be old, but now our technology isn't!  We finally launched our Web...
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What decade made the nicest rides?

1930's (140)
1940's (106)
1950's (310)
1960's (254)
1970's (117)

Total votes: 1243


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