2009 Feddies Club Car Show

What a great show.  About 278 cars.  Big thanks to Kieth and the crew.  We really support the local car scene and this one is very near to were most of us live.  Over half the club was in attendance and 3 took top ten awards.  Thanks again to all that attended - even those that fell asleep.  You know who you are and so will everyone else after looking at the photos.  (big smile!) 


Topic: 2009 Feddies Club Car Show

Great Time, Great Day

Linda Robson 09/12/2009
What a great day! Everything was perfect! Thanks to Keith who put on a great show and to Mario for the awesome photos.

Fantastic Show

Doug & Marcia Julson 09/06/2009
What a great show! Great time, fantastic people, food and weather. Thanks, Keith for everything and thank you Mario for the awesome pictures.

All is GREAT

Don and Janice Olsen 09/06/2009
To All,
Great People, Great Show, Great Cars, and then theirs the weather, who could ask for anything more?

Thank you Mario for the pictures.

Great Time

Mario Pipkin 09/06/2009
Kieth and company,

Thanks for putting on a wonderful event. The FREE speghetti was good and the breakfast was great! We had a great time and appreciate you doing this!

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