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XXX Car Show

Eltrina 08/04/2009
I'm so impressed to see how this club has grown. This was one of your best, and I'm certain that you will have many many more in the future. With all the skills and talents that your members have, you guys will be larger than life. I did not realize until this event, that you guys are the only "Black" auto club.

Mario, Great job with the pictures and your website.

XXX Car Show 2009

Ditty and Grant 06/05/2009
Mario and ORCC members...
This was an awesome show and we just want to thank you all
for your time and efforts.
Great shots of all those wonderful old cars...
Happy Summer.......

XXX Show - Old RIdes rides again

Greg Weld 05/29/2009
Great show guys!! Lovely weekend for once! EEEEEHHHHAAAAAAA

Hope it was good for your club - you're a bunch of good people! Thanks for putting on a good show.

Good pics Mario - especially that 37 Ford with the graphics! LOL
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